Number One Tip for Attracting Skilled Labor Talent

Skilled labor talent primarily look for jobs using their mobile devices. Use mobile platforms to your advantage when hiring skilled labor talent.

Top Tip: Use mobile platforms to your advantage when hiring skilled labor talent. 

Most people would think that people in technical or high-income occupations are more likely to search for jobs on their mobile devices, but that is a common misconception. A study done by Glassdoor found that those people are the least likely to use their mobile phone for a job hunt. In fact, most people using their mobile phones to search for jobs are in occupations, industries, and regions in which the nature of work requires time away from a computer - primarily blue-collar jobs. 


This is important because recruiters, or hiring managers, in some industries have more incentive to attract job seekers via mobile communications and ensure their application process is as user-friendly as possible for mobile devices.


Mobile usage varied dramatically across industries in the study. In food services, 64.9 percent of job seekers use mobile devices, while in media companies, only 43.2 percent of job seekers use them. Other industries with high concentrations of mobile job seekers include transportation (63.1 percent) and retail (60.2 percent). Conversely, industries with the least-mobile job seekers include accounting and legal (47.2 percent), biotech and pharmaceuticals (47.3 percent), and software development (35.3 percent).


How mobile devices are used reflects the nature of work in industries. Drivers in the transportation industry are unlikely to be at a desktop computer or even have access to one while on the job. However, an accountant or attorney is more likely to be working at a desk and near a computer.