So...what does Loophire do?

We aren't a job board, or a typical recruiting agency. We strive to be an extension of your hiring team. Check out our process below.

We are Loophire. We are changing the way that hiring looks and feels because the system is broken. For you to understand what makes us different, and what makes us “us,” you first need to understand what a job board is, as well as what a typical staffing/recruiting agency is. 

Job boards are everywhere. No really, there are hundreds of them. Some of them are general, others are specialized, but we are willing to bet that you’ve heard of some of the bigger ones including Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. 

Job boards can be overwhelming, especially when you have to sift through hundreds of resumes by yourself. Job boards can also be very costly, especially if you choose to post your jobs on multiple. And if you want access to resume databases, be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

Yes, many job boards do have the ability to provide you with “smart” matches. But they generally send you bullsh** candidates that aren’t even remotely close to being the person that you’re looking for.

Now, onto typical recruiting agencies… In short, they are organizations that match employees to employers. They usually cost an arm and a leg, sometimes the fees can even reach up to 30% of the candidate's base salary. That is insane, and there is no guarantee that the candidate will stay there long enough to make that price-tag worth it.

To make a long story short, we don’t identify as either a job board or a typical recruiting firm - we strive to be an extension of your hiring team

We’re priced specifically for small businesses, there is really no risk on your end, and we genuinely care about offering white-glove level concierge service, combined with our technology, so that we can make the hiring process as simple as possible for everyone involved. We’ve been building out some fancy technology that allows us to streamline the hiring process, and provide you (as a user), access to everything you need, all in one place. 

We specialize in people, and we are experts in our field. We also understand that every company is unique, and that no one understands what your company is looking for better than you. 

Here's our process in short:

That’s why during the onboarding process we find out exactly what you’re looking for by asking questions like: What is important to you in your next hire? What makes you different from your competitors? Why would someone jump at the opportunity to work for you?

After we get the details from you, we start our search in finding the perfect candidate. We’ll go through the resumes, and even pre-screen every candidate to make sure they would be a good match for your team. Have specific questions you want answered before an interview? We can ask them for you to save some time.

After we pre-screen the candidate, we’ll add in all of the notes and information we gather from them that can’t be seen on their resume or social media. We gather all of the info that you could want about a person when deciding whether or not to give them an interview.

If you decide you want to interview the match we provide, you can very easily set up an interview with them through our platform. Don’t want to interview them? Easy, just decline the match and we’ll get moving on finding you another one.

The candidate market right now is absolutely crazy. The Great Resignation is in full swing, and it can be hard to find the people you’re looking for. If you’re ready to work with a staffing agency that genuinely cares about ‘creating the best hiring experience in the world,’ then we’re your people.

You can schedule a free demo here, whenever you're ready.

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